I need a web-app for creating permanent URLs that send a given HTTP status code. In case the status code is 3xx, I want to enter a URI as redirection target.

Ideally it would allow to set specific phrases (e.g., "Gone forever" instead of "Gone" for 410) per URL (not globally). And it would be great if I can provide simple text/HTML as content per URL.

I’ll be the only one who should be able to create/edit URLs, so I need some kind of login (others should not be able to try to register an account).
It should offer some kind of overview interface (only accessible after login), where I can check which URLs are created, which status codes are used, etc. (ideally with filter/sort/search).


  1. Enter a unique string.
  2. Select a HTTP status code.
  3. (maybe edit phrase)
  4. (maybe add content)
  5. If 3xx, enter redirection target URI.

The string entered in step 1 is used for the URL path. For example, when the script is installed at http://example.com/ and the string is "foo", then the URL http://example.com/foo is created.

The solution

  • must be FLOSS
  • must run natively on a GNU/Linux server (self-hosting)
  • must not require Java
  • should be in Perl, PHP or Python

I assume a PURL server or maybe even an advanced URL shortener could be a solution.

purlz.org seems to offer a PURL server, however, it requires Java (if I understand the readme correctly).

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