Is there any CMS with real-time collaboration tools like Google Docs?

I mean it's very convenient when authors can simultaneously open the same article (text, maybe HTML) and edit it, then publish it on the web. We currently use Google Docs for it, but want to integrate that to publishing process.

Something like Real-time co-authoring in Office Web Apps (as shown for Word App), but inside a CMS like WordPress.


You can use Etherpad to generate the text collaboratively. Typo3 has an Etherpad integration, but I haven't used it.

Etherpad is a collaborative real-time text editor that lets you export your result as HTML, Text etc. The empathizes of etherpad is the real-time. You type stuff and the other users sees it instantly.

It's very narrow in its features (no images IIRC) but should be sufficient if all you need is text.

As Etherpad has an export button already build it you could use this to add your own export button and send the generated HTML to wherever you want.

You might want to read this SO post: Etherpad and Wordpress, possible?

I used Etherpad with other people together in a political party. But we didn't include it in our CMS directly (never had the need).


The problem with real-time collaboration and CMSs is that most of these are built in PHP which doesn't support concurrent editing.

However, apart from EtherPad, there's also Share.js, a node.js application which enables real-time collaboration, as well as together.js which is mostly client side solution which enables real-time collaboration over built in editors. It can be integrated to most of the popular HTML editors for the web.

Another possible solution (actually a workaround...) is the Google Docs to WordPress integration add-on which allows you to edit together on Google and later publish in WP.


Hackpad is the software you are looking for. My team at my company uses it and it's really good, and it also integrates(or can be embedded) in Wordpress.

And I would also recommend Workflowy which can be used as a collaborative editor and also for designing workflow for meeting and presentations, and it is also embeddable in Wordpress.

  • Thanks for your answer. I use hackpad, but didn't know that it can be integrated - that's interesting, I'll try. And workflowy is totally great, I always structure my subtasks in any tasks managers/issue trackers as lists, exactly how workflow do it but with simple text/markup - seems like the tool I always wanted but never know. Oct 16 '15 at 17:06
  • Glad that my answer helped you. I use them on a daily basis. So far so good.
    – Dawny33
    Oct 16 '15 at 17:07

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