I am looking for a tool to scan a folder and create a report of color profiles of each image. The report should be a list with 1st column "File Name" and 2nd column should be "Color Profile". We have a hundred thousands images in which some had been scanned and attached with a cmyk color profile which cause some problems when trying to display them in a software we're using.

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    Please add some more details to the question. Which operating system are you using, and Which extensions are the file names?
    – Tymric
    Oct 2, 2014 at 11:43

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This can be done using a combination of ImageMagick and shell commands. I'll use Windows batch since there was no specification of an operating system, but it can be done similarily with bash. I used the .png and .jpg extensions, and you can add to the list depending on your files.

  1. Install ImageMagick and include the directory in the Windows PATH variable
  2. Create an empty batch file in the images directory, getColorReport.bat for example
  3. Edit the file and paste the following lines: @echo off set "TAB= " echo File Name%TAB%Color Profile > color_report.txt for %%f in (*.png,*.jpg) do ( echo. >> color_report.txt <nul set /p =%%f%TAB% >> color_report.txt identify -format %%[colorspace] %%f >> color_report.txt ) color_report.txt
  4. Save and run in command line. The result should look somewhat like this: File Name Color Profile   xx.png sRGB yy.png sRGB 12345.jpg CMYK etc.jpg sRGB
  5. If you'd like to filter out the CMYK results, use the following command after the first file is generated: findstr "CMYK" color_report.txt > cmyk_list.txt && cmyk_list.txt

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