In a WinRT app, i can create a word file with some information filled by the user, but i also want to create a copy but as PDF(save another file with my app, not convert docx. to pdf with external software)

Any straight forward way of doing this?

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    You say you can "create a word file". Can you clarify what you mean and how you're doing this? As far as I know this isn't possible in WinRT so I'm curious as to what you mean. Do you mean RTF?
    – roryok
    Jan 7, 2015 at 9:24

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You can check out a WinRT Commercial SDK that has the ability to save out PDF files such as the LEADTOOLS WinRT SDK. This SDK gives you the ability to easily save a file out as a PDF as well as many other formats such as :


Here is some simple sample code on how to save out a file using the RasterCodecs SaveAsync class:

await codecs.SaveAsync(_originalImage, leadStream, RasterImageFormat.RasPdf, 24);

You can download a free 60-day evaluation of the SDK which includes fully sourced sample programs that show how to achieve various functionality using the SDK.

Just as a disclaimer, I am an employee of this library.


What I'm using elsewhere is Pandoc (https://pandoc.org/) on a Windows box. You can schedule a PowerShell script to check a folder or something else to pick up the conversions.

pandoc -s -t latex README -o readme.tex
pdflatex readme.tex

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