I m looking for a simple web app that will handle the following:

  • When a user registers on my platform he is automatically added on the CRM.
  • In the accounting side of things he is also shown but as a non-paying user (as he hasn't paid yet).
  • When he registers for one of our monthly plans the accounting software is updated with his details (what plan, how much he paid, what discount etc).
  • An invoice is generated automatically and sent to the email address on file. The invoice can be customised to look exactly how we want it to look.
  • If he updates his billing details the accounting software is updated as well.
  • At this stage if I view the user on the CRM I can see all his details about past payments, what pricing plan he has selected.
  • If a user cancels his subscription this is updated on the accounting software and the CRM.
  • In the accounting software the finance guy can go in and input the expenses we have made.
  • As a bonus it would be great if there is a payroll aspect as well.
  • There is a very strong element around reporting and we can run any queries we like. For instance, get a matrix of client vs month to see who has paid what.

Is there such a tool?

Thanks Yannis

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It sounds to me like you need Drupal (CMS) integration with Salesforce (CRM) where both solutions are quite advanced.

Using Drupal module Salesforce Suite, the details of the user can be mapped into Salesforce fields (Salesforce Mapping) on register. More complex requirements between CMS and CRM you can define by using Rules modules and further modules. For more customization you may even create your own.

On CRM side, you can use many plugins as well or develop your own business rules (triggers, validations, classes) by using Apex code.

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