I'm looking for a program that can take picture with voice command whenever I say "take a picture" (or some similar command) on Android. Free is better.

I am aware of the Google Now application for Android, which can launch the camera application through a voice command but it's a bit tedious to have to 1) launch Google Now 2) click on the camera application's button to take a picture.

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Whenever it comes to automation, the first thing I consider is checking Tasker – which is the automation app for Android. And allright, it supports this.

A little background in case you've never heard of this app (which I doubt): Tasker uses "profiles", which consist of two parts: Conditions, and Tasks. So you define tasks to be processed whenever a certain condition matches. Your action can be found in the Tasker UserGuide and is named "Take Photo". Your condition should be a voice command. While Tasker has support for that built-in, you'd get much more flexibility using the AutoVoice addon, which also offers a "continuous" mode (aka "Always Listen") if you wish. So some example profiles (pseudo-code, just the raw idea – you will need to finetune them):

Trigger VoiceDetection

  • Condition: e.g. "shake device two times left to right"
  • Action: Start AutoVoice in listening mode

This profile you need to setup only once, and then use it with many defined voice commands, like taking a photo:

Taking a photo

  • Condition: AutoVoice detected your "take a photo" command
  • Task: "Take Photo"

What you need

  • Tasker (obviously)
  • the AutoVoice addon (optional, but highly recommended)
  • an Android device connected to the Internet (Google's voice detection aka "speak to text" is used)

Tasker AutoVoice
Tasker profiles view, AutoVoice in action (source: Google Play; click images for larger variants)

Further resources

I recommend you taking a look in my Collection of Tasker Resources where you can also find several tutorials which help you get started with Tasker in general, and also specifically AutoVoice.

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