Soulver is a Mac application that allows users to enter maths and text together to solve various problems. Is there a web application that allows similar functionality?


  • Web application
  • Natural language interface
  • Should handle basic operations such as addition, multiplication, percents, unit conversion
  • Unit conversion would be nice

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Doesn’t feel and look like Soulver (at least according to its introduction video), but InstaCalc seems to be something similar.

You can name and share calculations (even without login): http://instacalc.com/26664

It’s row-based, and you can reference the results from rows in other rows.

InstaCalc screenshot of example calculation

Natural language can be used like 15 million, 10m, and 3k, but it doesn’t support "four" or "one million".

It supports unit conversion, e.g.:

  • 1 foot in cm = 30.48 cm
  • 1 foot/sec in cm/hour = 109,728 cm/hour
  • 15 apples/day in hours per apple = 1.6 hours / apple
  • 1 USD in EUR = 0.7848 EUR
  • 1 hour in days = 0.04166666667 days

It has some functions useful for programmers, and it even supports if, and can output strings depending on calculations, e.g.:

if (BMI < 18.5 ) {diagnosis = "underweight"} else if (BMI < 24.9){"normal weight"} else if (BMI < 29.9){diagnosis ="overweight"} else {diagnosis ="obese"}

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