I would like to create a forum online that allows upvotes and downvotes and organizes posts according to upvotes and downvotes. I remember a site a while ago that had the EXACT design I'm looking for: http://oneupme.com/. This site lets users answer a question and then vote on the answers. It organizes the answers according to number of votes. That's all I want, preferably with as minimalist design as possible. I want to use it to make study tools: for example, to remember the fact: "Kingdom, phylum, etc..." there are certain acronyms such as "King Phillips etc..." I want to display a fact and then let users invent the acronyms and then vote on those inventions. Whoever is best will be at top.

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You could adapt the platform that is the basis of the Biostars questions and answers site, to your specific project. It supports upvoting and downvoting as well as user reputation, just like on stackexchange.

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