Which IDE does offer better support to start a JavaFX project from scratch?

More specific: Are the following tasks better supported in Eclipse or Netbeans:

  • Assistance for project creation
  • Autocompletion
  • Code generation
  • Drag & drop GUI creation (Scene Builder)?

Or is there a third IDE, that's even better equiped to support these use cases?

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Eclipse will be better than NetBeans, but NetBeans is not bad though.

  • Both of the IDEs provide good assistance.
  • Both of them have auto completion feature. In Eclipse Ctrl+Space does it. NetBeans also has a key combination to do it, I forgot it.
  • Both support code generation (unimplemented methods are implemented automatically).
  • Scene Builder is a little better in Eclipse than NetBeans, in my opinion.

Both the IDEs are good and provide user support very well. We can find many tutorials using these 2 than any other IDE. Both have many things in common and operating them is almost same. Finally, I support Eclipse a bit more than NetBeans.


There is a special build of Eclipse known as e(fx)clipse which provides lots of tooling for JavaFX.

More at e(fx)clipse

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