I want an automated way to backup the important (to me) parts of my Google account automatically. I want to backup to a local PC, in some reasonable file format (I already have backups of the local PC.

The things I want to backup are:

  • Email (optional)
  • Contacts
  • Calendar Items
  • Chrome bookmarks
  • Drive contents (optional)
  • Google+ posts and circles (optional)

Things I have already automated piecemeal, but might be nice to have as part of an all-in-one:

  • E-mail via the tool 'Got Your Back'
  • Drive contents (I sync my Drive to a local machine and back it up).

Tools I know of that don't really solve the problem:

  • Google export - the export functions are manually initiated. I need automation.
  • spinbackup.com - I have no idea who these guys are, but a backup to yet another cloud service just seems like a bad idea to me, setting aside the questions of privacy and security.

I'm willing to pay a little bit of money for software, though of course, free is always good.

Linux or Windows is fine, I can arrange any necessary environment for the tool to run in.


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