I'm looking for a tool, maybe even just a read only web based dashboard that I can use to visually represent the components involved in getting a raised issue (bug, feature, etc) in an issue tracker into release. Ideally, it would include support for...

  • Issue Trackers (eg: BugZilla)
  • Source repositories (eg: GitHub)
  • CI server jobs (eg: Jenkins)
  • Artefact store (eg: Artifactory)

The view could show;

[issue:#123] -> [Git branch origin/bug#123] -> [build: failing] -> [null]
[issue:#456] -> [Git branch origin/bug#456] -> [build: passed] -> [file "release.1.0.exe"]
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    If I remember correctly, Trac should be able to do that with the appropriate plugins (see my answers here and here for general details). It includes a bug-tracker (and a wiki, and much more), supports Git (and SVN, and more) – but I cannot speak for the other two. I'm using Trac for years, but never had this specific requirement – hence I cannot say for sure, and hence a comment instead of an answer ;)
    – Izzy
    Commented Sep 10, 2014 at 13:48


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