I am looking for a file sharing script (PHP or Ruby on Rails) that:

  • has user management
  • admin can set a hierarchy of directories/folders
  • user can upload file to directory
  • user can see other files and download them

Someting similar to iDocScript.


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I think you should check out ownCloud, I've been using it for quite some time now and it's great. It meets your requirements of,

  • Very powerful Admin Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Users can upload their own files and/or folders
  • Users can share their own files and/or folders with other users and/or the world (through the use of links)

ownCloud (Open Source)

ownCloud gives you web services under your control. It is a self-hosted open source platform with file sync & sharing at its core and available clients for desktop and mobile. The web frontend has apps for Pictures, Calendar, Contacts, News/RSS, Bookmarks, Notes, Music and much more via an open app platform! ownCloud Server can be installed on Windows and Linux operating systems, and is available via packages, sources, or a one file php installer.

OwnCloud UI

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