I am looking for Electronic Flight Bag applications running on smart phones or web. Optional functionalities: reporting, weight and balance, take-off, landing calculator, fuel and time-check calculator, document management. I need pros cons.

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ForeFlight for iOS is, in my opinion, the clear leader if you aren't wedded to Jeppesen. It's price competitive and I've been a happy user for almost 5 years now (!).


  • outstanding UI
  • same subscription works on multiple devices. Nearly all functionalist shared between iPad and iPhone.
  • georeferenced approach and airport charts
  • intuitive route planning with elevation profiles
  • support for ADS-B weather and traffic
  • support for pocket AHRS as backup PFD
  • very slick W&B component
  • documents library (FARs, etc)
  • climb/cruise/descent performance calculations now integrated


  • iOS only
  • charts are raster, not vector, making track-up orientation slightly harder to parse

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