I'm looking for a CSS framework to use for a long page website with heavy animations.

Check this site for an example.

My criteria for a good CSS framework is as follows (but by no means a requirement):

  • Has features for creating long page websites
  • Animation support
  • General ease of use (I don't want to type -moz, -webkit, -ms multiple times)
  • Employability (it's a bonus if you know that companies are using this framework as well)

Aside from CSS frameworks, you can suggest templating language if you believe it helps.

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    That example does not strike me as a long website, it's approx. 3 browser heights.
    – user416
    Jun 1, 2015 at 14:58

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The page you give as an example uses (feel free to add what I missed)

The choice of a CSS framework is almost an impossible one to make objectively. The best I can go is give you a big list and add that I like Bootstrap.

Templating language definitely helps. Especially to shield you from using vendor specific prefixes. As far as I know, developers of CSS frameworks usually use templating languages themselves. Twitter Bootstrap originally used Less, now there is also a Sass version. Both Sass and Less are a good choice. Pick the one that is supported by your CSS framework. I prefer Sass.

This article shows how Sass helps writing CSS

My CSS animations library of choice is


Have you tried responsive or bootstrap via http://www.initializr.com? It is very fast to load and many companies do use it because it is cross-browser compatible. (They list companies on the site)

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