I'm looking for a database system with these requirements:

  1. Native support for Ada code.
  2. Easy to store sensor data. I'm managing about ten sensors with a sampling frequency or 1Hz, so I have about 1 million samples per day.
  3. I wish I had that data available to other applications: like rrdttol in order to generate graphs, logging, etc.
  4. Single access is enough, because I will use a protected object.
  5. It is a personal project so I'm looking for free personal use libraries/databases.

Do you know any database system (RRD, levelDB, Redis..) with an easy interface/library to code that in Ada?

Thanks in advance.


I doubt there are any databases (and even more so for database systems) with NATIVE support for Ada. But one thing I know for sure is that postgresql with apq (Ada binding to various databases, postgresql among them) should work for you. And it is quite easy to use.


Why not look at MySql? It's one of, if not the, mot popular, free database and certainly not afraid of a piddling 1,000,000 inserts per day ,-)

You will find all that you need with Gnade.

The GNADE (GNat Ada Database Environment) project is an open source project with the primary goal to provide all tools and packages necessary to create an Ada 95 development environment providing a seamless integration of relational databases and other database products with Ada 95.

The project provides the following software packages:

Thin bindings to different RDBMS products like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL  
using ODBC.

Embedded SQL.
Native bindings to other RDBMS aproaches such as sqlite
Object persistency (ODB).

The ODBC interface has been selected as primary interface to the underlying data base because most of the known DBCS do provide this interface and it is already well understood and established standard.

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