When reading news articles, I'd like to hide all those sidebars and other items that scream for attention, I mean, to make everything black on the webpage except the block of text that I'm interested.

It would be a matter of clicking the extension button on the browser toolbar and selecting the HTML element that I want to read, this would create the Lights Off effect that I'm looking for. I'd prefer an extension for Chrome or Firefox, which I think are more cross-platform.

Alloffthelights.js demonstration animated gif

I only found ways to do this for Video elements, like this and this extensions, this Q&A at Super User and the jQuery plugin shown above.

  • For text elements, you can use Reader. It doesn't exactly turn off the lights, but it removes all distracting content
    – Tymric
    Oct 23, 2014 at 13:22

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Use the Turn Off the Lights API, you can choose what must go not dark.

Or open in the Turn Off the Lights option page, in the 3rd tab (advanced options) the mouse action → select self the area that should not be dark.

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