This software should:

  • work on Windows and Linux systems
  • create and edit
  • save locally
  • allow the applying of HTML tags and customised classes
  • generate clean HTML documents
  • free
  • 3
    Are you looking for a WYSIWYG editor (hence "non-webdesigners"?), or do you want to write the HTML code yourself? -- And as you tagged your question with css, does it mean you want to provide/write the CSS yourself, or should the editor create CSS automatically? – unor Aug 30 '14 at 14:32
  • This editor has to build a html file just like MS Word make a doc file. I work with instructional designers that don't know how to deal with html/css. In the other hand, I need to get this text/html file after beeing written and do some visual/semantic edition. Now I'm testing an editor called Komposer. It seems to be nice since the intructional designer can type the text applying tag's without working on de "matrix" view ;-) – Webill Aug 31 '14 at 0:27

I think Kompozer is the best. Simple, has Multi-OS support, Multilanguage, handles CSS, ... And it's free. However: Save every 10 minutes (at least), and program restart is recommended once per hour. Enjoy programming! :)

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Sublime Text is by far the best code editor I've ever used (not free but there's a trial), then atom.io comes close second.

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