I need a music player for Windows OS that supports many themes.

Currently I use Windows Media Player as my music player, but I got bored with it. So suggest me a good music player that can be customized with themes.


  • Play mp3, wav, ogg at least
  • Free
  • More than 100 available themes

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    How is over 100 available themes an important feature? You just need one ;p – Journeyman Geek Aug 26 '14 at 12:27

I don't know if Winamp is a "god" music player, but definitly it's a good music player ;) Beside of a large number of default color themes it also has a huge load of custom themes

Another option would be the foobar2000. I haven't used this media player yet, but as far as i know its high customizable.


I myself have searched many music player for a free, powerful and customizable one (from foobar to zune to many others) and finally found a near perfect music player for my needs:


IMO, it's near perfect. It's strong in playback, has great song info editing capabilities (+ folder/file managing). In terms of customization, it has many skins to choose from and you can also change many UI parts like fonts,...

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