I don't want proprietary Skype directly accessing my Xorg server. I've already taken measures securing filesystem, network, processes/IPC, but there still a plenty of spying possibilities using X alone.

Currently I use Xvfb+x11vnc+vncviewer, but it is not convenient: copy&paste works poor, no systram icon&notifications.

I want the firewall to stand in middle between X server and the application and allow the applications:

  • to create normal windows, systray icons, show notifications on other desktops;

but deny:

  • Locking session;
  • Interacting with clipboard when I'm not asking;
  • Captuing input not explicitly directed to the application's window;
  • Enumerating other windows;
  • Being notified of activity/inactivity;
  • Setting configuration like with xrandr or xinput;

It should feel something like VirtualBox's seamless mode, but without VirtualBox.

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