I am looking for a program that

  • Can detect the presence of sexually explicit images
  • Works either on Windows, Linux or Android

If possible:

  • Accurate
  • Free
  • Can scan other documents (e.g. videos)
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    Real-time, or one-time scan? – Nicolas Raoul Aug 25 '14 at 3:06
  • @NicolasRaoul Well I am actually looking for both :) Real-time to put on the kids' devices and send me an alarm or complain in some logs; one-time scan for devices where real-time is not practical (typically when I couldn't install the real-time scanner or I suspect the kids manage to disable it). – Franck Dernoncourt Aug 25 '14 at 3:10
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    What should it do upon detection? Delete it, move it, or just display a pop-up "File matsukodeluxe.jpg has 55% chance of being porn, you might want to have a look at it" maybe? – Nicolas Raoul Aug 25 '14 at 3:11
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    @NicolasRaoul If one-scan, anything but deleting is fine (at least it should give me a way to view it to check). If real-time, put in quarantine (or any other way so that the kids can't see it easily). – Franck Dernoncourt Aug 25 '14 at 3:13
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    What's your definition of sexually explicit? Any nudity at all? Even if it's guy in a bathing suit? How much tolerance do you have for false positives? – Michael Kohne Aug 25 '14 at 14:46

Most sexually explicit images usually come from/are hosted off of sexually explicit websites. E.g. Porn Websites which are crawled and appear in search engines such as Google Images. Because of this I would recommend using a web filter such as K9webprotection.

It's free, can be used for personal use and is available on Android, IOS, Windows and Mac OS.

You will need a license (free to obtain) to use it which can be obtained here after which you can download it for free.

Once you've done that all you need to do is run the program you downloaded. (everything after this is pretty self explanatory), just accept the K9™ USE LICENSE AND SERVICES AGREEMENTS, enter in your license and setup a password for the web interface and then reboot your system.

Now that you've rebooted your computer

Navigate to the web interface in your web browser address bar by typing the following

enter image description here

Next the K9 Web Protection Administration page will pop up. Click on setup and enter the password you set up during installation.

enter image description here

Then just tick Pornography & Adult/Mature Content.

enter image description here

And done. Technically sexually explicit images are blocked and have already been detected and placed into their appropriate categories.

Also just as a precaution you should probably tick Open Image / Media Search since some sexually explicit images sometimes get through. (unless you want to find out). ;)

Also for the video solution you might want to try K9's Advanced YouTube Filtering. (but this is just for YouTube and it's currently only experimental).

PS: It's pretty accurate having tried and tested it. Also my school uses Bluecoat for their webfiltering. :p

enter image description here

Hope it helps. :)

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I am using a program that works well in Windows only. It is called "Media Detective" and is available here

It is only a scanner of files and internet history and does not have real time protection. It scans pictures and videos and attempts to detect the "Skin Color". If too high a percentage of skin color is present it flags the picture/video and assembles it for later review.

At the end you have the option to select & delete all the pictures.

Additionally it checks text files of explicit content and other keywords you can set. It also checks internet history and usage.

It has a 14 day trial so you can check if it works for you.

This does not quite match your requirements but I hope this helps you or another person.

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