I am looking for a Google Chrome extension that can bookmark words.

If possible:

  • free
  • when reading the list of bookmarked words, it would be great to have their definition as well along with synonyms, examples of use and pronunciation.
  • can bookmarked not just words but phrases too.

I am only interested in English words.

My use case: when reading webpages, I sometimes encounter word that I find interesting and would like to remember later on. Right now I copy-paste them into a Google document but this is a bit tedious.


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This looked like a good first project for me, so I went ahead and made a Chrome extension:

BookmarkWords (I know, creative name - wait till you see the logo ;).

To install it, click on this link and download the crx file. Then, go to chrome://extensions on your computer, check Enable Developer Mode and drag the crx file there.

The instructions on how to use it will open up when you install it, but it's really simple:

  • you right click a selection (or press Alt+B)
  • click 'bookmark word'

You can change the keyboard shortcut by clicking Keyboard Shortcuts at the bottom of chrome://extensions.

It works by saving the selection, so it can do multiple words / phrases.

I hope to add a definition or a link to the definition soon, but for now, this does what you want!

If there are any good designers out there, I'd be happy if you wanted to create a logo that actually looks good, design a good color scheme, or anything design related! ;p (I'm not the most creative of people :)

You can see the project on GitHub and if you do notice something wrong, or want to fix it, please do :)

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