I’m looking for a tool that can generate text (natural language) according to a list of words and their syntactic/morphological rules, both which I specify.

So for example, I might add the word "table", put it in the category "noun", and select the plural construction rule "append -s".

The tool should offer a way to generate a list of possible sentences, using my vocabulary and the rules I created. It should also be possible to input a sentence which the tool should check for correctness (according to the vocabulary/rules it knows).

The tool must be gratis (and ideally FLOSS). OS doesn’t matter (but native GNU/Linux support is preferred). No hosted solutions (self-hosted is okay).

(I used such a tool with a text-based user interface some years ago, but can’t remember its name.)

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It sound like you are looking for pythons Natural Language Toolkit, NLTK. It fits all your requirements:

  • Free (both Libra & FLOSS)
  • Cross platform - Linux has python installed by default in most distros but installs are available for just about everything.
  • Not hosted.
  • An example of what you are looking to do can be found here but looks like:

    from nltk.parse.generate import generate, demo_grammar
    from nltk import CFG
    grammar = CFG.fromstring(demo_grammar)
    for sentence in generate(grammar, n=10):
         print(' '.join(sentence))
the man slept
the man saw the man
the man saw the park
the man saw the dog
the man saw a man
the man saw a park
the man saw a dog
the man walked in the man
the man walked in the park
the man walked in the dog

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