I am looking for an IRC bouncer that can monitor multiple groups and then a compatible chat client for it.

The bouncer will run on a Linux (RHEL 6) server 24x7 for monitoring, but I would like to be able to fully control it via a Windows (7 x64) machine that will turn on/off after the initial setup.

I hope to find a FLOSS solution to this.

I have looked at this related question already, but the solution there no longer works (link rot) plus I imagine that in the 4 years since then there are better / other options.

Also somewhat unrelated is this question, as I already have an available 24x7 server - that question seems to be asking if there is any way around that limitation or via a non-standard IRC network, and is asking for a Mac OS solution (I am looking for a Windows one).

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znc is probably what I'd suggest

I use it with hexchat (go 32 bit, the 64 bit has a slightly annoying tendancy to crash when disconnected) , but any irc client that's ok with you connecting multiple times to the same server will work

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