Similar to this question I'm trying to increase productivity on Windows 8 Tablet with touchscreen. Coming from PC/Notebook where I use extensively Autohotkey shortcuts I need more gesture like command or shortcut buttons on a Tablet with touchscreen. The standard windows 8 gestures are nice but for things like my:

  • favorite software (dictionary, music player, ...)
  • certain shortcut combos (paste, copy,...)
  • fast switching between apps (Alt+Tab)

I would like to have small touchbuttons on the side or top of the screen wich I simply touch and then this shortcut/command is executed or make a special gesture on the middle of the screen (for instance draw a circle or a S) and then it gets executed.

For Android you find lots of competing apps that can do this (especially PieControl and SwipePad are very nice here), for windows there are much less apps, but even such basic stuff I cannot find.

Can anybody recommend such apps or how to do this in Windows 8 with a touchdevice without keyboard? The standard tools from windows 8 to open often a sidebar and then click that recent app is to indirect and two step like, I want like with keyboard shortcuts or android apps a one step gesture or button like command on windows 8.

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