I'm looking for a viewer for my phone crash logs (logcat).

The play store lists dozens but the first few I tried have limited log size, crash on run ;-) or require excessive permissions.

So I turn to the community for recommendations based on experience.

I'm currently running Running Android 4.2.2 and don't want to root the phone.

An alternative solution where I could access the logs through the USB connection of my Win7-64 PC would be OK too, though second choice (because I need to have PC and USB cable at hand).

  • Please edit your question and add some more details. Especially for log viewers, the Android version used is essential to name: starting with JellyBean (IMHO it was 4.2), those apps require root – as without that, each app only sees its own entries. Additionally: Does it have to be an app, or would "solutions on an USB connected computer" be welcome as well (as they don't yet have the "root limitation")? – Izzy Aug 21 '14 at 16:09

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