I need virtualization platform which would be used for non-commercial purpose. I have experience with VMWare Player. With VMWare player I don't like the fact that I cannot set processor frequency. I am not happy with configurable options in general.

I would like to have option of migration my VMs between virtualization platforms. I know that last year Citrix went open source. Any details are welcomed.

I am aware that this looks mandatory, but I just want to give good directions with some specific requirements.

  • What OS are your trying to virtualize? Commented Nov 30, 2014 at 21:12

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I'm using Oracle VM VirtualBox for virtualization. Comes with a nice front-end making administration pretty easy, and supports a lot of different operating systems. According to a post on our sister-site (Limiting CPU speed in a virtual machine? – see e.g. this answer), it is possible to set the required CPU frequency.

Additionally, VirtualBox can read VMWare images – so you even could use your already existing VMs with it. You can start VMs with the existing GUI – but if needed, you can also have them running "headless" (comes quite handy if you run them on a remote server). VMs can be connected to remotely via any RDP viewer, which makes it easy to work with even remote VMs (e.g. such running on a server at a different location).

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