I'm looking for a tool that gives me the ability to verify if my code works or not in other browsers (all?).

My problem is, I work with Macintosh (Mac / OS-X (Mavericks+)), and software like Ghostlab doesn't show me how the site works in Internet Explorer (for instance) nor old versions from browsers.


  • Works in OS-X (preferable not a VM)
  • Free or one payment only (not monthly)
  • One single tool (I don't want to have a collection of n tools, each one for a specific browser/version)
  • Test at least IE7+ (preferable IE6+), latest version of Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox. (Optional mobile.)

Items that must be able to be tested within the tool:

  • HTML structure (I think, testing compatibility with CSS should do the job)
  • JavaScript
  • Forms (optional)

The tool should be noob friendly or have a good documentation.


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I found the perfect application that meets all you needs except one, it only works in windows :( It's called BrowsEmAll (http://www.browseemall.com). I also found a website called netrender (http://netrenderer.com/). It only test's Internet Explorer versions 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5.5.

According to CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center, they say that this program should work with no glitches whatsoever,


There are a variety of services which run your code across various environments, here are a few examples:

FOSS services

Paid services


Tools fall into two classes: live browser testing, and screenshots.

Live browser testing

My best find so far (via this answer on StackOverflow):

Browser screenshot tools

There are a lot of them, just search for "website snapshot service".

One of my favourites so far:

  • browshot.com, offering screenshots with 30 different "real" desktop and mobile browsers (means, no simulators that differ in screen resolution only but actual browsers running on the specified devices)

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