Currently, I use Crashlytics to track crashes on my iOS app.

But, I'm looking for a solution which permits to send an event from the iOS app to a dashboard when a condition is not verified.

For exemple:

if theEarthIsRound
    // Everything is ok
    // Oh my god WTF !

In the else condition, the app doesn't crash and I display an error message to the user to tell that something is wrong with the app and he should restart it.

But unfortunately, I will never have a notification that this message has been displayed to the user, thus I will never be notify that there is a bug in the app even if it didn't crash.

So in the else condition, I would like to send a notification to a service which notify me that something is wrong in the user instance of my app.

Does anybody know a that does this?

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    ACRA can do this, but it is only for Android... – Nicolas Raoul Mar 13 '15 at 6:38

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