I have a simple collection of images with (optional) captions in HTML5. Each image could look like:

  <img src="foobar.png" alt="Alternative text for Foobar">
  <figcaption>Caption for Foobar.</figcaption>

Sometimes some other element than figure is used; sometimes a list (ul) is used for all figure elements; sometimes it’s just figure after figure without any list.

I’m looking for a JavaScript gallery which makes viewing/exploring these images a nicer experience.

Features of the gallery


  • Show only one image at a time.
  • Offer a simple navigation to view the next/previous image and its caption.
    • The caption must not be overlaid!


  • Clicking on an image opens a modal to view it (and its caption) in larger/full size.

    • It should be possible to navigate inside of this modal to the next/previous image, too.
    • Closing this modal should be possible by two ways: pressing Esc and clicking a link/button.
  • Offer little preview thumbnails of all images, allowing to directly jump to a particular image by clicking on it.

Please not:

  • Slideshow. Nothing should move automatically.
  • Capturing the context menu, or overlaying transparent images. Don’t try to hinder people downloading the images.

Accessibility requirements

The gallery must be accessible, i.e., following WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

  • Keyboard users should be able to use every feature of the gallery.
  • It should work for users with weak hardware (just to make sure; I don’t expect a gallery to have a noticeable impact on performance anyway).
  • It should work on mobile devices, too (i.e., touch instead of click; smaller viewport width).

Technical requirements

The script should not require to use specific elements. I want it to use my existing markup (that will be shown when JS is disabled). It should work with data-* attributes which I add to my markup (class would be okay, too, but no id!). Any elements needed for the gallery itself (e.g., the navigation buttons) should be added via JS (so that I don’t have to hide them for users without JS support).

Any CSS should be in a separate CSS file (I want to copy it into my main stylesheet). No inline styles!

Any JS should be in a separate file (e.g., no inline event handlers), which I’d like to link in the head.

The script should be lightweight. I don’t want any other features, especially not a full library (no jQuery etc.).

Licensing requirements

It has to be FLOSS (so that LibreJS users can run it).

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