Is there a free software that joins many .html files into one?

It should be on Windows and should strip only the headers.


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You can use Simple File Joiner:

  • free
  • Windows
  • GUI
  • merge HTML files:

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With Cygwin you could use this Bash script:

echo "Enter directory path pages:";
read html_path;
echo "Enter complete filename of the starting page:"
read start_page;
ls $html_path > "list.txt";
grep -iv "</body>" "$html_path/$start_page" | grep -iv "</html>" > "$html_path/all_merged.html";
for i in $(< list.txt)
    grep -iv "<body>" "$html_path/$i" | grep -iv "<html>" | grep -iv "</body>" | grep -iv "</html>" >> "$html_path/all_merged.html"
echo "</body></html>" >> "$html_path/all_merged.html"
echo "Merged file ---> $html_path/all_merged.html"
unset html_path;
unset start_page;
unset i;

I found SoftSnow Merger which support what I need :

"Strip header/footer" option strips redundant style sheets, Javascript blocks, HEAD and HTML tags from the files.

Also VirusTotal doesn't found only one hit which seem to be a false positive.

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