I am looking for recommendations on any discussion based platforms that include event driven functionality. Basically, we want discussion forums to become active throughout our site when certain activities occur.

A simple example would be date driven. When a pre configured date is reached, a discussion forum would appear on the designated section of the site.

Another example could be when a product sells x number of units, where x is a configurable threshold. When that rule is met, a discussion forum would appear on the product detail page.

I have looked at platforms like Disqus (and others in it's class), but nothing seems to include event driven functionality.

Any recommendations?

  • Should a whole and new forum (with the possibility to create several threads), or always the same forum, or only a single thread (e.g., like blog page comments) appear? // Should it be integrated in the actual page (with server-side code, e.g. PHP, or client-side with JS), or can the forum be embedded (e.g. in an iframe)? // Are you using a CMS currently? Do you need it as plugin for this CMS? Or are you fine with integrating it yourself? – unor Aug 18 '14 at 10:15
  • All great questions. I am not as worried about the implementation / integration right now. We are in the beginning stages and still evaluating technology and approach. I more curious on the functional capabilities described in the question (i.e. event driven). I have not been able to find anything that fits those needs, and am looking to find any solution, regardless of any other factors. Regarding your first question, the idea is that a whole new discussion thread would appear. If it's related to other topics, that might be interesting, but not necessarily a requirement. – user483044 Aug 18 '14 at 13:01

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