I'm looking for a plugin that will allow me to log and rollback any change to the world that was made on the server. For example, if one user destroys another user's house, I would like the ability for me to restore that destruction.

Features I am looking for:

  • Find all changes in the world with a command
    • Find changes from one specific player
    • Find changes which involved a specific block/item
  • Ability to select the area I wish to rollback and then choose what player/block/item I wish to rollback and on a specified date
  • Ability to rollback any chest(including contents)/block
  • Should have SQL support, but not a requirement

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Prism is a great Bukkit logging program. It supports:

  • Configurable rollback radius
  • "Previewing" a rollback so that it's only visible to the person who ran the command
  • Limiting a rollback by player, time, block, type of event, and many other parameters
  • SQLite and MySQL
  • Can rollback the contents of chests

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