I have a couple of virtual machines that, over a few months, I have installed numerous pieces of software upon. Unfortunately, for some of the software to run at a usable speed, I need to run it on a real computer, where it can access more memory, computing power, and bandwidth. So, does anyone know of some software that can "burn" a virtual machine disk onto a flash drive or HDD so it can be booted from? I would prefer if said software runs on windows (otherwise I would need to make a bootable linux drive to make another bootable drive). I would also prefer something that I can point at a vmdk and a drive and walk away (as opposed to a utility that can do this, but requires me to "walk it though" through several steps of extraction and conversion. Thanks!


For windows Most cloning packages will do it.

  1. You have imagex.exe by Microsoft

    sysprep /generalize

    Boot from Windows PE/Windows 7 DVD

    net use (drive letter): (unc)

    and save image to network share.

On the real hardware boot the same way except use imagex with the command line arguments to restore the image.

  1. I believe Acronis True Image can do this also.

    Install Acrnois inside the VM and attach a USB hard drive.

    Run sysprep /generalize This will help with driver issues

    Save image to ext usb hard drive.

    Make bootable acronis restore CD.

    Attach ext USB hard drive to real hardware.

    Boot real PC with Acronis CD/DVD

    Restore from ext USB hard drive.


    Wait for sysprep to complete

    install drivers for real hardware.

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