I've recently tried to make use of SQL SoundEx to implement a smart search function an ASP.NET MVC web application, but haven't been able to get it to work as I desire. Is there a C# library that provides fuzzy string comparisons?


The FuzzyString library makes use of various algorithms for approximate string comparisons. It allows you to specify any one or more of the algorithms to use for each comparison. Following is a list of all available algorithms:

  • Hamming Distance
  • Jaccard Distance
  • Jaro Distance
  • Jaro-Winkler Distance
  • Levenshtein Distance
  • Longest Common Subsequence
  • Longest Common Substring
  • Overlap Coefficient
  • Ratcliff-Obershelp Similarity
  • Sorensen-Dice Distance
  • Tanimoto Coefficient
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