I am looking for Network traffic/Packet generator for different protocols. I am using iperf for TCP and UDP but I am looking for something more reliable. Also I need to generate a traffic upto 10 GBbps for other protocols like HTTP/SMTP. I am willing to spend some money too if no open source is available. Also I am not sure if I can achieve this without H/W support.

OS Preference : Ubuntu/Windows with IPV4 support.

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Scapy is a python tool that can generate just about any traffic that you need but if your hardware is not up to it then you will hit limits.

  • Free.
  • Scriptable'
  • Just about any packet that you can think of, including malformed packets.
  • Flood and Attack testing.
  • Cross platform including Linux.
  • Python based.
  • The only downside is that you need a fair knowledge of the protocols that you are trying to create.

It is also worth talking a look at The Very Unofficial Beginners Guide to Scapy.

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