I need a program for Windows 8.1 with no bloatware or adware that will automatically rename, tag, and add cover art to my MP3 collection. I want something to do this by auto AcoustID or fingerprinting of the songs.

I have MediaMonkey and Picard, but I can't get them to do this automatically.

Some of the names are wrong, and the tags in many of the files are incomplete or missing.

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    What's the issue with MusicBrainZ Picard? It's supposed to do file tagging. Aug 12, 2014 at 17:44

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SongKong is designed to identify and rename music files and add cover art, and it can recognize them if the audio has no ID3 tag and is named "track1.mp3" using Acoustic Fingerprinting

It can be used on a collection of any size, and runs without requiring any other software on OSX and Windows.

Disclaimer: I am the SongKong developer.

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