I am looking for an iOS app that can automatically send me the location of the phone via email and text to a different phone whenever the battery goes below a pre-defined limit.


  • automatic
  • email AND text
  • pre-defined battery amount
  • sends location
  • preferably send a picture of both cameras

I don't care if I need a Jailbreak, I don't care about the price (it should be reasonable).

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Last Alert Pro is what I've been using for a while now, but I forgot to answer. Although it's not the best solution, it basically achieves the same thing, but due to no other solutions, I'll stick with this:

  • £1.49
  • automatic (but need to keep app open in background)
  • pre defined battery percentage
  • sends location
  • only sends email
  • doesn't send picture
  • can sound alarm when battery goes below certain %, so you know you need to put it in charge
  • radar tracking via another phone with the app

I also set up 'Send Last Location' via Find My iPhone on iCloud (but this only saves the information to iCloud, for you to check after the battery's dead!). More info here.

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