I've been using PTC Creo for most of my design work in the past, but I'm trying to create a floor plan, and Creo Layout isn't designed for things like walls and doors or has support for standardized design sheet labels (at least it doesn't have a template or anything). I'm looking for a free program that is 2D and will let me sketch out floor plans with thickness and doors as well as an info box in the bottom right that's properly formatted. I need something that will let me make a building, not an engine block.

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There is librecad:

  • Free (Gratis & OSS)
  • Cross Platform
  • Internationalisation to 20+ languges
  • Lua scripting
  • Active user community

Example Basement


Offline & open source

Web apps

Before you start using one, make sure it exports to a format you use, and at the "right" price.

Mobile apps

Plenty in the the play store.


  • If you are planning to use SweetHome 3D, you should also get the Advanced Editing plugin (available on the forum). It is pretty much a necessity to draw anything slightly more complex (odd angles, walls of different thickness)—unless you just want a visual impression that diesn’t need to be exactly to scale.
    – user149408
    Nov 10, 2020 at 9:45

I found this page as I had a similar question; SketchUp Make 2017 (which is the free version, as contrasted with SketchUp Pro) turned out perfect for my needs. Gratis but not libre.

Not exactly self-explanatory, but I got a floor plan done okay by following a blog post explaining exactly that.

The key steps:

  1. Start the line tool action by clicking once.
  2. Drag the mouse toward the general direction you want to go.
  3. Type in the length of the wall like this 18' 5" and press ENTER.

I then found this official tutorial video playlist for more in depth learning.

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