I am not sure if it is possible but is there a way to screenshot my login screen or take a snapshot of it whilst still being logged in on my useraccount?

Is there a program for this with full functionality which is free, not a trial and can crop/select what part of the login screen you want to snapshot?

Thanks. :)

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    Workaround: enable remote desktop on your computer, and use a different computer to take the snapshot.
    – paj28
    Aug 4, 2014 at 20:57

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You can use Win 7 Logon Screen Capture:

  • free
  • Windows 7
  • take a snapshot of login screen

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Result (.jpg file, no choice):

enter image description here

How to Use it :-

  1. Open up \Windows\System32
  2. Look for a file called "Utilman.exe"
  3. Take ownership the "Utilman.exe" file, and rename it into "Utilman_old.exe"
  4. Copy the new "Utilman.exe" file that is located in this folder to Windows\System32
  5. Lock Windows 7, and click on the Ease of Access button.
  6. Capture the logon screen with ease...


  1. Delete the new "Utilman.exe"
  2. Rename the "Utilman_old.exe" into "Utilman.exe"
  3. And you are done...

Other solutions: How can I take a screenshot of my logon screen in Windows 7?:

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