I am looking for an application to share my notes/TODOs across multiple windows devices - yes, there are plenty of them, but what I am specifically looking for is to write a note on one device and I receive a notification on the second device, that new note has been added

real life example - I write note on my computer at work, I come home and open up my PC - and I receive a notification about my previous note from work

thanks igor

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Pushbullet would do this - there's browser extensions for firefox,chrome and a native client on the desktop, and it lets you create notes. Now the trick here is that it considers all firefox extension clients to be the same 'device' so the note'll open up on all devices with firefox and the extension installed. Alternately, you could send it to a specific computer with the desktop client.

For extra credit (so to speak), and much more flexibility, you could use evernote or another supported service with IFTT and just use pushbullet for notifications

  • thanks, Pushbullet does the job perfectly Commented Aug 2, 2014 at 15:07

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