I'm a massive fan of Oneliner - its an addon for firefox that compacts all the controls into one line. I use it with a few tweaks (with the current Australis theme - there's no firefox button so I've moved over the download and bookmark buttons to the left.

I basically need a theme, addon or something else that will let me do the same thing

enter image description here

is what firefox looks like for me. The favicon only tabs are optional, but I basically want a way to access bookmarks, my tabs, and the omnibar in a single compact line.

In short:

  • needs to run in Chrome - I primarily run canary so it doesn't necessarily need be in the app store, but I'd prefer it should I choose to make the switch.
  • compacts omnibar|tabs|bookmarks|OS window controls preferably in that order. If the window controls are on the left ala OS X or Ubuntu's unity, then I'd rather it follow the OS preference.
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    I don't believe Chrome extensions are capable of rearranging the browser chrome like that. – mic Jul 22 '16 at 22:58

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