I’m looking for a free/libre Firefox add-on (not a bookmarklet/userscript):

I want to get notified when the current page contains RDFa markup, for example by highlighting an icon in the interface (similar to how the feed icon works).

By clicking on this icon, it should show me the extracted RDF triples in a friendly format, for example as Turtle or a simple table.

Bonus points for detecting/parsing Turtle (and other RDF serializations) in script elements (used as data blocks).

What I found

  • There are two Firefox add-ons tagged with RDFa, Semantic Radar and RDFa Developer, but both seem to be inactive (last releases long before RDFa 1.1 was published).

  • For Firefox there is Fuzz, but it’s inactive, too.

  • For Chrome/Safari there is Green Turtle, but there doesn’t seem to be a Firefox version.

  • For Firefox there is Tabulator (not available as direct extension download), which I have not tested yet.


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