I'm learning webdesign and I want to do what you can do in chrome and firefox web developr tools, but make it all save in my system and persist changes, and edit in my choice of editor.

So, like I save this page by hitting ctrl+s, save it in a folder as something.htm, open the htm in browser and its css/etc files in sublime text, make changes there and see them in the browser.

Is there anything that can make me able to do that?

  • Does the page in the browser has to change while you type in Sublime Text, or is it sufficient to reload it after you save the file?
    – unor
    Jul 31, 2014 at 11:48
  • Related (closed) question on Stack Overflow.
    – unor
    Jul 31, 2014 at 11:57
  • You can enable Sublime Text key bindings (as well as Vim or Emacs) in Firefox Developer Tools' source editor.
    – user
    Aug 31, 2014 at 3:53

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What you are looking for is LiveReload. Cross Platform - Windows (XP+), Linux, Max OSX, via javascript also iOS & Android. You'll probably want one of the Browser Extensions for ease of use.

There is also a Sublime plugin for it but I haven't tried that out. I believe that will let you preview as you type rather than only on save.


HTTrack Works well in grabbing the content of a website completely.It grabs all the files needed to make the website and stores it locally for offline browsing. Works in Windows,Linux,Mac OSX.

Another alternative is to use Wget.It comes for Windows,Linux.For MacOSX it is better to use Brew.

You can use the command wget -r --no-parent http://site.com to grab the website.

Now for making changes to the offline webpages you can use addons like Firebug for firefox and chrome has inbuilt developer tools similar to firefox. So you can make changes and can see the changes in live.

  • 1
    I think the OP wants to use the Sublime Text editor for changing the code, and have the changes displayed in the browser without having to reload the page manually.
    – unor
    Jul 31, 2014 at 11:44

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