I'm currently searching for a affordable solution for Licensing and Obfuscation. My budget is very low (I'm a student). I turned my attention to LogicNP's CryptoLicensing and CrpytoObfuscation. Both tools are obviously (as far as I read) very good and have all the features I need.

I would purchase it, but sadly it looks like this company does not exist anymore. Or is inactive or whatever.

I tried to contact them 3 times and I searched their page carefully. It looks like that there are no news since July 2013. Earlier there had been regular updates but one year without happening anything? I don't get any response, not even a notification that my mails were read. And I don't want to pay for software which is already slightly outdated and will become so the next time...

So does anybody know software similiar to those which do not cost more? ~$500 USD is already a huge bunch of money.

The only alternative to CryptoObfuscation I know is RedGate's SmartAssembly which costs in it's simplest version more than I can afford. I could try to ask for discount, but I guess it won't be much cheaper...

An alternative for both would be: http://xheo.com/products/copy-protection/pricing But that's too expensive, too.

So what do you guys know? Any good solutions? Obviously the prices are all made for huge companies, not for start-ups :-/

EDIT: Okay, today I got a response from LogicNP.

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    What if you trust your customers not to steal your products, under good faith? People with DRM get their stuff pirated MORE than those without it. Commented Jul 30, 2014 at 3:56
  • what language/tools are you using to make your product? what is the purpose of the product? and what is the selling price of your product?
    – user6621
    Commented Jul 30, 2014 at 7:59
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    It's purely written in C#. Hmm, I'm don't believe that non-DRM stops piracy. The problem is, I want to have different editions. The program I'm writing is very comprehensive, so one price for all would be bad. It should be available for people with low budgets (<100$) as well as bigger companies. In order to accomplish this, I will need DRM. And surely, I do trust. I believe most people would actually buy it. But that's just one part of all.
    – SharpShade
    Commented Jul 30, 2014 at 16:28

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ArmDot is a good tool for obfuscation and license key making. This tool allows you to create and verify license keys.


.NET Reactor and IntelliLock offer both, licensing and obfuscation. The price for a corresponding single developer license is 179$.

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