I'm scrapping an old BlackBerry but I need to dump all the information in the phone somewhere and upload it to a new one, so I need an application that:

  1. Must work in Linux
  2. Do full backups and restore of all the data.
  3. Synchronize between cellphones
  4. Can upgrade the OS (optional)

There aren't too many options to pick from but Barry will cover you for most of it:

  • Does full and partial backup of all the databases on the Blackberry, including configurations
  • Does full and partial restore of all of the databases
  • Allows you to synchronize several phones
  • Works on GNU/Linux and BSD
  • Licensed under LGPL/GPL
  • Allows you to use your phone as modem (tethering)

One thing it doesn't do, however, is allow you to upgrade the phone.

I used it and the only failure I found is that it can't backup non-ASCII entries since it uses other low-level system, but Barry is working on it. This is an active project that uses C++.

There are packages for most major distributions of Linux (deb and RPM) ready to use.

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