I am looking for a bulk image downloader for anime image boards.

For example: grab/download all photos that are tagged under 'Uta+no☆prince-sama♪' from zerochan.net in bulk and have the ability to choose where to save all of the downloaded pictures.

Currently under the tag there are 14,168 images. I want to be able to download them all at once and save them to a specified folder. Is there a program that can do this or a way I could possibly do it without having to right click every single picture and saving it manually?

Required features:

  • Must be gratis/free.
  • Must be able to run without administrator privileges.
  • Can bulk download images in same size and quality.
  • Can be any program but must support zerochan.net or be able to download all the images in bulk from zerochan.net. Edit: I wouldn't mind one for Google Image Search.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good user interface and not complicated to use.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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I would suggest taking a look at python + scrapy to create a web crawler that will take your start URL, some rules for following links and an image pipeline which will grab and save the required images, (generating thumbnails on the way), I think you will also need to install PIL or PILLOW.

  • Free (both Gratis & FOSS)
  • Flexable
  • Will let you set the location to save to
  • Only downloads each image once even if it is linked to several times.
  • Cross platform so will work on multiple computers.
  • The tutorials walk you through what you need to do.
  • Will also on sites that require authentication as well as less strict ones.
  • Active & helpful usergroup on the mailing lists.

Do be sure to check with the site(s) that you are planning on downloading from so as to make sure that your intended use of the images is compatible with their terms and conditions.


You're probably looking for a web crawler or website copier.

If you want to try a quick and easy crawler, look at FoxySpider, an extension for Firefox. It's very easy to install, configure, and use. I've successfully used it for similar purposes to what you're describing.

You can also use HTTrack, a free GPL website copier. It can take a few minutes to set up your configuration, but can be a very powerful tool. Quick install and pretty good documentation too.

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