Looking for Android app to instantly silence the phone 100% (equivalent of holding volume key down till slider goes to 0).


  • On Google Play
  • Decent reviews (4+ stars)
  • Operates by simply clicking the icon. No sliders, or other GUI elements. I'm OK if the app itself has more functionality, but provides a single-click silencing shortcut that can be placed on the launcher
  • Compatible with the Shush! app (or contains same functionality)

Would strongly prefer free (as in beer) but if it's very good, non-free is OK.


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Minimalist Silence Widget seems to be a good fit.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

It's free, seems to be the most basic (no sliders, extra bloat, features, etc.) and has a 4.4 on Google Play.

From the Google Play Store description

Minimal Silence Widget its an useful Ringer Mode Toggle widget.

It offers a simple way to switch beetwen ringer sound modes in one touch. It also updates its icon when the ringer mode its toogled elsewhere.


The Playstore holds a bunch of widgets to turn things on and off. So my suggestion might be "taking a truck to buy a bottle of beer", but it includes solutions for far more (similar and other) tasks in the future:

I use Tasker for a lot of "simple", but also for more complex jobs. Tasker is not only "a", but most likely "the" automation solution on Android. With this app, you combine "conditions" (triggers) with "tasks" (what should be done), and both cover a wide variety of things. Concentrating on your current question, you could create a simple task:

Audio SettingsSilent Mode, "On"

Then on your homescreen, select to add a shortcut, select "Tasker", select that Task. There you go.

But you could go even further, making that a full-fledged profile. I can think of multiple different triggers proving useful here:

  • Event → Sensor → Shake, select a pattern (e.g. left-right) and duration (e.g. 2 sec).
  • time-based (silence it at night)
  • location based (silence it at work; based on GPS, network location, WiFi network near, cells near)
  • incoming phone calls from people you want to ignore
  • button presses (e.g. long-press on search button)
  • battery level

These are just a few examples, a ton of addons offer even more (including voice-control). Chose from the above (or even combine triggers), and assign above created task to it.

Tasker profiles Tasker task Tasker categories
Selected Tasker screenshots: Profiles, a task, categories (source: Google Play; click images for larger variants)

I have to admit, Tasker is not coming "cheap" (about US$ 4 currently). But it's worth every cent; I couldn't do without it anymore. A free 7-day-trial is available on its homepage; and when you export all its settings on day 6, then uninstall, re-install, and re-import the settings, you get another 7 days (no bad trick – argument from the dev himself). And over on Android.SE, you will find good help on this app (a good starter is the Tasker tag-wiki, and the questions using this tag). Some days I get the feeling almost every second issue we get at Android.SE can be answered with "Use Tasker" :)

  • Could you please edit your question to include Tasker on Google Play instead? Google Play would probably be preferable to download from and it's apparently cheaper there as well. Commented Feb 14, 2014 at 18:58

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