Inkscape has a number of useful features, but it tends to create SVGs with certain Inkscape-specific tags which makes it difficult for SVG editing software on other platforms (such as Adobe Illustrator) to open them.

Is there an alternative SVG editor for Linux (Ubuntu) that does not have this problem?

  • While it's fine to ask for alternatives, the name of the app to replace shouldn't be the only explanation to what you're looking for. Please list your requirements explicitly. See How to ask for an alternative to some software for a detailed explanation.
    – Izzy
    Jul 24, 2014 at 9:56

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The only alternative I know of to InkScape is sK1:

Source: Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia

I've only used it for simple web design SVG editing, but it appeared to work fine. Less features than InkScape, but it does seem to import from proprietry programmes (such as CorelDRAW) a little better than InkScape. It exports to PostScript, and thus to Adobe Illustrator (5.0) rather well.

It's certainly in the Fedora repos:

sudo yum install sK1

(Note: the capital K when installing, but sk1 to launch from the command-line)

It may not be in the Ubuntu repos any more, but webup8 have made a PPA, have a look HERE


Inkscape allows to edit and export standard SVG, without Inkscape metadata.

Try to Save as > Plain SVG.

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