I have a data file with 14 columns and 9,523,125 rows.

What Windows desktop spreadsheet program (NOT A DATABASE!) can handle at least 9,523,125 rows?

I need to view the data, and sort by columns.

Preferably gratis.


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You can use PowerPivot:

enter image description here

  • But it's not online... Nov 28, 2016 at 16:06

If you must you could give pySpread a go - it can handle up to 80 000 000 rows subject to possible memory limitations.

Alternatively you could look at Python + Pandas - the combination is very good for dealing with large data sets.

All the above are free and cross platform, just not online.


You can use Delimit:

  • offline and non-free (50 USD)
  • 64-bit Windows 8.1, 8, or 7
  • Open data files up to 2 billion rows and 2 million columns large
  • Open large delimited data files; 100's of MBs or GBs in size

enter image description here

More features:

  • Quickly open any delimited data file.
  • Edit any cell.
  • Easily convert files from one delimiter to another like
  • CSV to TAB.
  • Split-up any delimited file into file parts of equal size.
  • Join multiple delimited files into one resulting file.
  • Quickly select which columns to extract and in which order.
  • Extract data from any delimited file by specifying the columns,
  • rows and/or filter to apply.
  • Sort any delimited data file based on cell content.
  • Remove duplicate rows based on user specified columns.
  • Bookmark any cell for quick subsequent access.
  • Open large delimited data files; 100's of MBs or GBs in size!
  • Open data files up to 2 billion rows and 2 million columns large!
  • Work with: character delimited, string delimited, fixed column width or just plain text files.
  • Quickly see all your bookmarks, double-click to jump to any of them or click to rename.
  • Keep track of long running operations.
  • Keep track of the current selection.
  • Scroll to any part of the file or split the view into multiple panes.
  • Freeze the 1st row of any file.
  • Open multiple files and quickly switch between them.
  • Configure built-in and custom file delimitation rules for automatic parsing of files.

CSV Explorer is an online tool, not free, that can open spreadsheets and CSVs with millions of rows. You can search, aggregate, filter, plot, etc. without writing any code.



Excel 2007 and up can already handle 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns

WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office) Spreadsheets has the same limits. LibreOffice Calc also supports the same number of rows since LibreOffice 3.3. OpenOffice supports 1048576 x 1024 sheets. And they're all free

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