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remove new user restrictions

Milestone privilege awarded at 10 reputation

What are the new user restrictions?

New users cannot:

  • post more than eight hyperlinks at a time, either in a post or their user profile
  • contribute answers to protected questions
  • ask or answer questions too rapidly
  • make edits that don't create a post revision history - read more about editing

Why are restrictions placed on new users?

Because we allow participation from anonymous internet users, we must take some precautions to ensure that the rare malicious or spammy anonymous user doesn't ruin the experience for everyone else.

We're sorry that we have to sandbox new users, but the first few upvotes on your questions or answers will quickly elevate you out of it!

What are protected questions?

Questions may be protected when more than 3 new users have posted poor answers or if more than 5 new users have posted non-answers like "I have the same problem." and "thanks!"

Once you’ve earned 10 reputation points from participating on this site, you’ll be able to answer a protected question.

How do I add links to my posts?

We use Markdown to format posts, so there are a variety of ways of adding links:

  • bare urls
  • HTML <a href="">example link</a>
  • Markdown [example link](
  • the editor toolbar button enter image description here